Transport and Communications

Transport and Communications Working Group

In order to promote the achievement of the objectives of the Community as set out in Article 5 of the EAC Treaty, the Partner States undertook to evolve towards coordinated, harmonized and complementary transport and communications policies; they also committed to work to improve and expand the existing transport and communication links; as well as establish new ones as a means of furthering the physical cohesion of the Partner States, so as to facilitate and promote the movement of traffic within the Community. To this end, the Partner States committed themselves to:

  • i   Develop harmonized standards and regulatory laws, rules, procedures and practices; Construct, maintain, upgrade, rehabilitate and integrate roads, railways, airports, pipelines and harbors in their territories;
  • ii   Review and re-design their intermodal transport systems and develop new routes within the Community for the transport of the type of goods and services produced in the Partner States;
  • iii  Maintain, expand and upgrade communication facilities to enhance interaction between persons and businesses in the Partner States and promote the full exploitation of the market and investment opportunities created by the Community;
  • iv   Grant special treatment to land-locked Partner States in respect of the application of the provisions of this Chapter;
  • v   Provide security and protection to transport systems to ensure the smooth movement of goods and persons within the Community;
  • vi  Take measures directed towards the harmonization and joint use of facilities and programmes within their existing national institutions for the training of personnel in the field of transport and communications; and Exchange information on technological developments in transport and communications.

Some of the benefits that are envisaged to accrue include:

  • Harmonization of balanced sustainable economic development
  • Sustainable and noninflationary economic growth
  • Intra-regional economic and financial system integration
  • Efficient allocation of resources for economic development

The Transport and logistics sector is perhaps the most visible of all the milestones towards achieving full integration.

Quickly achieving a region interconnected by road, rail and communication infrastructure is the essence of the set-up by Heads of State of the Northern Corridor Technical Committee to accelerate progress in order to enhance trade and movement of people and goods. Already there exists the Northern Corridor Stakeholders Committee that brings together players from the sector and allied services.

If you are a player in this area, we will help link you into this important platform. As stated in our value proposition, RiimNet-Africa will keep you posted on all relevant happenings and will help you monitor and report to you all the policy changes that affect you and your business while helping you identify those strategic partnerships that will add value to your business.

We invite you to join RiimNet-Africa’s Transport and Communications Working Group for the latest updates on the progress being made in this and other areas of regional integration. Be part of it!

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